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Parallel Forces
The latest CD version is in the works!  I should have it done by Christmas if I'm lucky.

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I now have the new source recordings for a new version of the CD.   See the list below to see what is different about the new version.
Flash!  There will be a new recording session in the next few months!  At least three members of the original Catch will participate.  Watch this page for further updates.
More info on tracks
All The Love I Want
*(remastered)Did You Know
*Dear Agnes
The Gypsy Cries
*(remastered)Keeper Of My Heart
Cry Another Time
*(new EQ)Don't Cry
*(added)You Can't Take It Back
(added)Something For Her
(added)Did You Know (Live)
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A Part of Your Love
Keeper of My Heart
Don't Cry
Did You Know