The History of The Catch
        In the beginning. . . . .
The Catch was a successor to a band formed in the late 60's while Steve and I were in high school.  When the band formed, it was called "Crystallization", but the name was changed to "Nirvana" the second year and that name stayed until the summer after graduation.  We then became known as "Just Friends", which was appropriate, as we had an ever-changing ensemble of musicians for the remaining life of the band.  I was the only member to make every gig of "Just Friends".

Nirvana played a wide variety of rock for high school and college crowds.  Although we were a "dance cover band", we shunned top-forty playlists for a more "album-rock" format, essentially playing what we liked.

When "Just Friends" disbanded in late summer of '71, we all went in different directions, some to college, some to see the world.  Steve was forming a band in Los Angeles in '79 and asked me to join.  I packed up the wife and kids and headed to LA.  The first project produced a band called "Beowulf", which lasted about a year.  After a few months of regrouping, we formed "Presence", which also lasted about a year.  Again, we collected our wits and finally found the musicians we were looking for and formed what was to be called "The Crackers".  Unfortunately, there was already a signed band with that name and we hit upon "The Catch".

That formation endured for seven years, playing every major club in LA and producing two independent recordings.  The last public performance was at The Country Club in Reseda, the day after Thanksgiving, 1987.  We continued to work in the studio for one year, but the financial drain had finally taken its toll.  Steve moved to Canada in '88, I moved to Omaha in '89 (relocated to Kansas City in '99), and Gregg moved to Chicago in '90.  Steve has since relocated to Florida.  Thad still lives in LA and most recently worked with "The Wild Colonials" on Geffen Records.

Nirvana, circa 1969-71

That's me with the peace t-shirt, Tom Lecluyse with his hand in the air, Steve on the right.

Me again on the left, Kenny Sphire in the middle, and Mike Fitzpatrick on the right.

Tom on the left, Ho Young Kim on the right.
If anyone knows the whereabouts of Ho Young, let me know!
Last seen with Brian Auger in the mid 80's.


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