PC Tools

Here are a few links to some useful utilities that can help keep your computing experiences less stressful.

Spyware/Adware Detection
Malwarebytes Antimalware - Excellent malware remover.  Detects and removes rogue security programs and is super easy to use.  Free version must be run manually, but registered version runs real time and prevents malware intrusion on the fly.

Spybot Search & Destroy - Perfect complement to Ad-Aware, this free program detects what others miss.

Windows Defender - This program completes the package to defend against unwanted software running on your PC.  This program also aids in blocking pop-ups.

Note:  No single program can protect against all spyware/malware threats and I have found the combination of the three programs above in addition to whatever protection an antivirus program provides will keep you safe and your PC running smooth.


F-Prot - Highest rated antivirus program on market.  Simple and easy to use interface and low cost makes this a great antivirus tool.

Norton Antivirus  - I have used and recommended Norton products for over 10 years, but they have become increasingly hard to use and can interfere with other programs if you don't know how to configure everything exactly right.  I now recommend Norton for only the most advanced users.  Still one of the best protection programs available!

Backup and Recovery

Acronis True Image - Protects you from data loss due to hardware failures and system crashes.  This program can take a "picture" of your hard drive and save it to external media to be available in case of an emergency.  Emergency bootable CD allows you to start your system in recovery mode to restore data or even your whole hard drive when necessary.

Windows Home Server - Provides central storage for files, automatic backups of all PCs and easy recovery if one of your PCs crashes.